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What this card set is about…

Whether you are self-coaching or coaching others it is important to be aware of the effect of our thinking on our behaviours towards those around us. This toolkit is designed with the manager-coach-leader in mind. The questions will generate responses that you can build on.  Reflecting on your own responses, you can enter into coaching conversations with colleagues aware of your own views, potential reactions and bias. This works on the basis that you are all in, fully committed to the moral compass setting and role of the coach. Aware of all the nuances of the interpersonal interactions and interdependencies.

When coaching others, it can be about challenging a perspective, potentially to explore a new way of looking at the same situation. Challenging dissonant assumptions needs to be in the moment you hear it. Notice what you heard and how that resonates or not with the coachee’s stated goal or challenge. Notice this for yourself too when using these cards for your own reflective practice. There is nothing to judge in the answers, it is as the coachee says it is – their view is their reality. By being open to listen and not judge the coachee, being heard can fuel their motivation to approach the desired future state.


How to get the best from these cards…

The use of metaphor and storytelling are popular for communicating powerful messages.  In this instance, the metaphor of a journey starts with the individual coachee’s choice of MAP (their view of their world and everything in it).  We know that mastery, autonomy and purpose are key to our self-efficacy and motivation. We have a choice about the mode of transport on the journey, in this case the type of CAR and direction of travel will inform the GPS setting, and whether to choose a motorway or a more scenic route. No journey is complete without a contingency plan or emergency options, we have to stop when tired otherwise we are no longer safe to drive. Rest and recuperation are essential and knowing when to stop to acknowledge that need, to enjoy the view or to study the MAP and a new GPS setting is all part of the journey. Coaching conversations can be empowering and enabling. Enjoy your journey.

A card set to support coaching conversations using metaphor and storytelling.

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  • All sale profits go to MIND the charity. 

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