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Meet Kelly

Certified Coach & Harrison Assessment Practitioner

Kelly's expertise is in engaging people to be confident to make great choices, enhance their learning and develop and evolve their skills within their role and the system within which they operate. A keen learner, Kelly continues to work on her skills and professional development and is interested in Appreciative Inquiry and a strengths-based approach. Her focus is on leadership & management development, including Harrison Assessment, senior leadership coaching and assessment.


To support her work in these areas, she is qualified in the use of DiSC and Harrison Assessment and applies the principles of appreciative inquiry where appropriate. Kelly wraps this entire package up in a layer of strategic thinking coupled with a sense of fun, enthusiasm and a passion for exploration.

Kelly is a Fellow of the CMI and HEA.

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Business Meeting

Background of Power Up Coaching Ltd.

The background of Power up Coaching evolved post-pandemic while exploring new ways of working across a range of contracts. Powerful coaching conversations can help you explore new ways of working towards your own goals, conversations that test your ability to tune in, listen and ask an enlightening question. 
Created to have these conversations and make the changes needed to build better habits and a focal point in the direction you want to see yourself heading, Power Up Coaching evolved. It is about enabling others to access the timely conversation and catalysts for change or even a tiny but meaningful shift in perspective. 

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